6 Reasons You Must Be Mobile Responsive

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In today’s fast paced and extremely connected world, it is more important than it ever has been to have a website that is mobile responsive. Although you may have a “mobile” site, this is not what we mean when we say mobile friendly or responsive design. If that seems a little confusing to you, no worries, hold on tight and enjoy diving into a little more knowledge about SEO and website design – & how it can all benefit you!

Years back, the most popular way to adapt to the future of all this new mobile technology was to have an additional site that was built to perfectly embody the phones that were out on the market. The trouble is that over time & as more and more technology became mobile, things like tablets and smartphones made it so that we needed a better solution – one that could bring us seamlessly from desktop to mobile.

Because you may still have questions on the logistics and the difference between the two, here are 6 reasons why we believe you should definitely have a mobile responsive website…

  • 1. Mobile is EXTREMELY popular. Now, about 80% of Google searches are done from a devie that is not a desktop computer. You certainly want to make sure that you have a site that works perfectly for them & not just the other 20%! In fact, in the US it has been reported that 25% of searches only ever use a mobile device.
  • 2. Positive user experience is number one. Having a potential customer or client view your site and be turned off right awa due to your outdated design or the fact that it doesn’t fit their size screen – leaving them with text that’s too small or photos cut off – is not the way to give a great first impression. Let them be impressed and search your mobile friendly site with ease.
  • 3. Social Media has brought SO many people online. Today, you can catch the attention of the Facebook peruser with a catchy status update and all of a sudden have them browsing your website. Lead them there, but it most likely will be looked at on a mobile device, so accommodate that for them!
  • 4. Your SEO will benefit. Google is on the record for saying that it is true that they look for mobile responsive sites to rank higher. It’s just the way it is. They are all about giving their users the best of the best.
  • 5. Make it speedy. Having a site that is properly set up to load great on mobile or desktop makes for a great impression and a low bounce rate. Keep your site free from long load and lag times so your audience wants to stick around.
  • 6. Responsive designs adapts. No matter what comes out on the market tomorrow, your website will know how to adapt. Don’t worry about the next big trend in phones, laptops, or tablets. You will be set for a while now!

As your Sarasota Web Design Company, we have a passion for bringing you modern and beautiful sites that WORK. They are mobile responsive, practical, easy to navigate, and beautiful. Check out our past clients today and contact us to get started!

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