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Facebook vs. YouTube


Video content is HUGE and if you are looking to get in on the action but not sure where to join in, then this is for you! YouTube was revolutionary when it came to allowing individuals to push out video content to the entire world from the comfort of their own home, and since then, so many other platforms have been utilizing the technology! According to Cisco Forecast, video will represent 69% of all consumer-based Internet traffic by 2017; this is expected to rise to 80% by 2019.

SEO Myths Dispelled


SEO is one of those terms that has people either running from it or claiming to know it all and unfortunately when it comes to building your online marketing campaigns, neither is the right outlook to have. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, focus on the basics to begin and get a good, clean, and steady start so that you can continually build off your work to establish a process that works best for your company and audience.


rizotech 750 specialWe are running a $750 special on MOBILE responsive websites for those who are looking to upgrade their┬ásite or perhaps start one altogether! Websites are a great way to showcase your services, allow people to find you, and sell your products online & it is a vital part of your business. If you are in need of a website buildout, then don’t miss out on our current SPECIAL!

In order for us to guarantee the $750 price, we need a few things:

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Title Tag Length Guidelines

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One of the biggest questions when it comes to optimizing a page on a website is, “what is the proper length for a title tag?” There are experts all around who will claim different numbers, various strategies, and act as if their way is the only way. However, it isn’t that simple. Google is an ever-changing machine that is always evolving, so once there is something that seems like a “rule” for Google, you can be certain that it will probably have a curveball thrown into it soon.

6 Reasons You Must Be Mobile Responsive

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In today’s fast paced and extremely connected world, it is more important than it ever has been to have a website that is mobile responsive. Although you may have a “mobile” site, this is not what we mean when we say mobile friendly or responsive design. If that seems a little confusing to you, no worries, hold on tight and enjoy diving into a little more knowledge about SEO and website design – & how it can all benefit you!

Years back, the most popular way to adapt to the future of all this new mobile technology was to have an additional site that was built to perfectly embody the phones that were out on the market. The trouble is that over time & as more and more technology became mobile, things like tablets and smartphones made it so that we needed a better solution – one that could bring us seamlessly from desktop to mobile.

When you sign on with RizoTech, you can rest assured that you won't only see us on payday. We will come by your business frequently to meet, answer any questions, update, and gather some new content. We are always an email or phone call away. If you need us in house for something urgent, we'll be there!