Why Listing Info Is Important

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You may be the owner of a business that proudly boasts one storefront or perhaps you are the CEO of a company that is growing in locations daily – in either case, there is one thing that is vital to the success of your online marketing efforts and that is your LOCAL listings and Google Maps Search. Whether you have a lot of knowledge in this arena or not, we challenge you to stick around and hear us out so that you can truly understand the importance of these categories on the web.

Many people don’t completely understand the local search directory, but it is just that – a directory. Think about when people (way back when) searched the yellow pages for the business that they were looking for. In today’s incredible times, all that is automated and head up by the internets biggest King, Google!

The Trust Factor

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We have always been a company that cares about the relationships that we build with our clients. To us, clients aren’t just paychecks that show up in the mailbox, but they are other people & small businesses who utilize our services in order to grow their company. In turn, we are growing RizoTech. This mindset reminds us that clients are more than just someone who pays us, but they are actually a mutually beneficial partner in this journey that we are on.

Getting to know the customer is one of our biggest concerns once they sign their contract. We do our best to meet them face to face, and if we cannot, at least connect with them often enough that they get the feeling of who we are. Having the trust factor built into the business relationship is something that no amount of money can buy you. Our number one tip when building a relationship with your client: be you! You are your company! Your clients have been pitched time & time again about WHAT companies can do, but it’s important to show them WHO you are!

Social GURUS: Just STOP!

Social Media “Experts” & “Gurus” will tell you to engage, but are they?

Today’s quick tip is about not just listening to everything the “social experts” tell you, but finding out for yourself what is important on your social media platforms. Engagement is KEY! Be real with your followers. Answer their questions. Ask them how their day is going. Watch out for “gurus” who won’t interact back with you or give you the time of day. No matter how big you get, always remember to talk & connect with your followers. When working with your Sarasota Social Media Management Company, be sure that they are connecting with you & that you feel that you are involved in the process.

Prospecting: Optimizing Your Social Profiles

When helping clients improve their online social media presence, the very first thing we look for is how optimized their profiles are. Are you using the social platforms to the best of their abilities? There is so much good that can come from an engaged & optimized social strategy for your business. As your Sarasota Social Media Company, we are continually prospecting & analyzing various sites for our clients and here are some tips!

Twitter Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is a great tool on Twitter! It allows you to connect more privately with friends, businesses, or clients, but when does direct messaging go wrong? When setting up your Sarasota social media strategy, it is so important to remember to always be real!

Automated messages are a HUGE no-no! People know when you are sending them a mass automated message instead of a sincere note. Using an app like Crowdfire to send the blasts? We can see that too. There is nothing worse than showing someone, who just took the initiative to follow you, that you don’t want to take the time to personally write & get to know them!

Building a following, a brand, or just friendships on Twitter isn’t going to be benefited by automated DM’s. In all actuality, more and more people are getting frustrated with them & in turn un-following you because of it.

When you sign on with RizoTech, you can rest assured that you won't only see us on payday. We will come by your business frequently to meet, answer any questions, update, and gather some new content. We are always an email or phone call away. If you need us in house for something urgent, we'll be there!