Twitter In Google Search Results

It’s no surprise that TwiBrandon Online Marketingtter is a wildly popular social media platform & Google has taken notice. Since Twitter is basically an online forum, full of opinions, articles, and satire, the search engine decided to integrate these thoughts into the page results when they accurately answer someone’s inquiry. Now, more than ever, the time & effort you are putting into your social media is helping you gain traction in the SEO field.

Hasn’t Google been able to crawl Twitter for quite some time already?

Google Map Maker Suspended

Riverview SEOYou may have seen some events in recent history involving hacking into Google map maker and as your Sarasota SEO company, we felt the need to let you know about it! Although some of these may have gotten a few chuckles, the reality is that Google never intended for their edit-friendly map feature to become the pit of a joke, but rather something useful for users. With the pranks escalating (think back not too long ago to the Android logo reliving itself on Apple), it was time for Google to make a necessary change.  

Community Oriented

As your social media company, what sets us apart from all of the competition out there in the Sarasota, Bradenton, & Venice community? We actually get up and out of our office! As a young, hungry, and energetic company, we are always out and about enjoying the beautiful areas around when we aren’t working hard to move your business forward.

Sarasota Social Media

Nikon, Canon, GoPro, and HD video camera in hand, we are always ready to snap the most astounding photos to present to your followers. We are here to educate and it’s about time businesses get their education. Business marketing online is NOT all about selling selling selling! Your followers will unfollow or trash you in a heartbeat if that’s all you do. People love to see businesses giving them content they can share with their friends and family with a simple click of the “share” or “re-tweet” button. Establishing your business as an informative, community based company will get you reoccurring results that cannot be refused.

When you sign on with RizoTech, you can rest assured that you won't only see us on payday. We will come by your business frequently to meet, answer any questions, update, and gather some new content. We are always an email or phone call away. If you need us in house for something urgent, we'll be there!