Facebook vs. YouTube


Video content is HUGE and if you are looking to get in on the action but not sure where to join in, then this is for you! YouTube was revolutionary when it came to allowing individuals to push out video content to the entire world from the comfort of their own home, and since then, so many other platforms have been utilizing the technology! According to Cisco Forecast, video will represent 69% of all consumer-based Internet traffic by 2017; this is expected to rise to 80% by 2019.

Social GURUS: Just STOP!

Social Media “Experts” & “Gurus” will tell you to engage, but are they?

Today’s quick tip is about not just listening to everything the “social experts” tell you, but finding out for yourself what is important on your social media platforms. Engagement is KEY! Be real with your followers. Answer their questions. Ask them how their day is going. Watch out for “gurus” who won’t interact back with you or give you the time of day. No matter how big you get, always remember to talk & connect with your followers. When working with your Sarasota Social Media Management Company, be sure that they are connecting with you & that you feel that you are involved in the process.

Prospecting: Optimizing Your Social Profiles

When helping clients improve their online social media presence, the very first thing we look for is how optimized their profiles are. Are you using the social platforms to the best of their abilities? There is so much good that can come from an engaged & optimized social strategy for your business. As your Sarasota Social Media Company, we are continually prospecting & analyzing various sites for our clients and here are some tips!

Twitter Direct Messaging

Direct messaging is a great tool on Twitter! It allows you to connect more privately with friends, businesses, or clients, but when does direct messaging go wrong? When setting up your Sarasota social media strategy, it is so important to remember to always be real!

Automated messages are a HUGE no-no! People know when you are sending them a mass automated message instead of a sincere note. Using an app like Crowdfire to send the blasts? We can see that too. There is nothing worse than showing someone, who just took the initiative to follow you, that you don’t want to take the time to personally write & get to know them!

Building a following, a brand, or just friendships on Twitter isn’t going to be benefited by automated DM’s. In all actuality, more and more people are getting frustrated with them & in turn un-following you because of it.

Twitter Followers vs Following Ratio

Why do we use social media platforms? To connect, to engage, to become popular, gain traffic, branding, and many more reasons. Sometimes we get caught up in wanting to gain followers and look “successful” that we are scared to turn over our following to follower ratio. While working with your business on coming up with a social media management strategy, we take into consideration these tips!

Some people are afraid that if we are following more people than we have following us that users will not see us as credible individuals. I believe that’s stinkin’ thinking. As long as you are engaging with your users, you will benefit! Obviously if you have an insane ratio like 10k following to 300 followers, something is up. But if you are simply following the kinds of people you want to attract, then you will see them begin to engage with you as well.

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