Facebook vs. YouTube


Video content is HUGE and if you are looking to get in on the action but not sure where to join in, then this is for you! YouTube was revolutionary when it came to allowing individuals to push out video content to the entire world from the comfort of their own home, and since then, so many other platforms have been utilizing the technology! According to Cisco Forecast, video will represent 69% of all consumer-based Internet traffic by 2017; this is expected to rise to 80% by 2019.

Another study from Business Insider estimates that video advertising will account for 41% of total desktop display-related spending in 2020 in the US.

Just by glancing at stats like these, or even pulling up your email or social media pages, it is evident that videos are going to continue to be massive for marketers! YouTube is an awesome platform, but when it comes to getting your eyes on your video, Facebook may be the leading lady. Take a look at this info from Moz.

Key insights:

-Facebook CPM is significantly cheaper.

-You can get 3x more impressions for your budget with Facebook.

-Therefore, if you want to put your video in front of as many eyeballs as possible, Facebook may be your best video advertising option.

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