SEO Myths Dispelled


SEO is one of those terms that has people either running from it or claiming to know it all and unfortunately when it comes to building your online marketing campaigns, neither is the right outlook to have. When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, focus on the basics to begin and get a good, clean, and steady start so that you can continually build off your work to establish a process that works best for your company and audience.

We are going to dispel some common rumors when it comes to SEO so that you can get started on the best foot and with knowledge that will help you succeed.

Deleting Your Google Listing In Your Dashboard, Deletes It From Google. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When you delete a listing, it only makes it an unverified listing, unclaimed by you – the business owner – however it still is out there to be picked up by local searchers, only now it may have wrong or outdated info that you cannot control. Be sure to contact Google if needing to remove a listing.

Posting On Google+ Improves Your Rankings.Again, it is unfortunate that it isn’t that easy, but it has been researched time and time again, and it is nearly impossible for anyone to see your posts unless they choose to follow you, or search your name directly.

Maps SEO Is Seperate From Organic On-Site SEO. “Mike Ramsey shared that 75% of ranking local listings also rank organically on the first page. The two are directly connected — a change that you make to your site can have a huge influence on where you rank locally,” according to Moz.

Google Displays Whatever Is Listed In Your GMB Dashboard.Google is a collective site – taking information from all over the web, so just because you put something on your dashboard, does not mean it will make it into the listing in the case that Google doesn’t find it the most relevant.

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