Social Media

Tampa Social Media Compnay

Have you been hearing more and more buzz about the importance of social media for business but don’t know where to start? Although many of us use social media for our personal relationships, it is becoming essential for businesses to engage online in this way as well. The problem many small businesses face is “HOW?”

RizoTech believes in making your social platforms a place for community relationships to grow and for your customers to engage with you in a way that is not quite possible anywhere else. While most online marketing companies simply sit behind a desk, we get out into our community…YOUR community! We take your social strategy from merely information pertaining to your industry and expand it to engage and relate to your fellow neighbors. Social Media is meant to make you accessible and personable, and that is just what we will do! We will make you an authority online in your field as well as a provider of community-based information that will get your audience talking & sharing!

We take pride in establishing engaging ongoing content that your audience can relate to as well as monitoring your social platforms daily. We come to you personally and take the tedious work of ongoing social posts and responses off your plate, so you can focus on running your business!

Our Full Service Social Media Services include:
    • Custom Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram Creation & Daily Maintenance
    • Google + for Business Verification & Daily Maintenance
    • Personal Content Manager to create & maintain social strategy
    • Facebook & Twitter Targeted Advertising Campaign Management
When you sign on with RizoTech, you can rest assured that you won't only see us on payday. We will come by your business frequently to meet, answer any questions, update, and gather some new content. We are always an email or phone call away. If you need us in house for something urgent, we'll be there!