Title Tag Length Guidelines

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One of the biggest questions when it comes to optimizing a page on a website is, “what is the proper length for a title tag?” There are experts all around who will claim different numbers, various strategies, and act as if their way is the only way. However, it isn’t that simple. Google is an ever-changing machine that is always evolving, so once there is something that seems like a “rule” for Google, you can be certain that it will probably have a curveball thrown into it soon.

in fact, not everyone knows this but Google Title Tags are not determined by the number of characters. Can you believe it? All this time, people are fighting over the amount of characters that fit into a general search result title tag, but the truth is that Google measures the space by pixels. Since different letters have completely different sizes (take the letter “I” and “W” for instance), the word choice and the size of that word’s text is what determines how it will be shown on Google.

So what is a good general rule for title tags? Lately, after many changes on Google and studies down to their font by companies such as Moz, it has been recommended that anything under 60 characters will pretty much ensure that your words will not be cut off on the search engine results. Remember though, that the spaces in your title and punctuation also play a role in how it will translate.

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