Yahoo Local

Yahoo has always been one of the industry leaders in the world of online search, email, and local listings.

Sarasota Repuation Company

With the history and loyal followers that Yahoo has gained, people gravitate toward this platform to find reliable information about local businesses. Yahoo has a similar platform to various other reputation sites, which provides a place for your business to gain reviews & ratings. With all the emails & phone calls you already receive in a day, checking another site continually may not even be feasible, but that is where we come in! RizoTech is your full service reputation management company! We make sure that your customers feel responded to & know that you care!

Potential customers search the web 24/7 reading reviews & looking for a place they can trust. Make your company an authority on the web & show them just how much you value their time & opinions!

Yahoo! Local Reputation Management Includes:
    • Properly Verified & Optimized Yahoo! Local Page
    • Weekly Checks for New Reviews
    • Timely & Personalized Responses
    • Bi-Weekly Reports Sent to YOU
When you sign on with RizoTech, you can rest assured that you won't only see us on payday. We will come by your business frequently to meet, answer any questions, update, and gather some new content. We are always an email or phone call away. If you need us in house for something urgent, we'll be there!