Twitter Followers vs Following Ratio

Why do we use social media platforms? To connect, to engage, to become popular, gain traffic, branding, and many more reasons. Sometimes we get caught up in wanting to gain followers and look “successful” that we are scared to turn over our following to follower ratio. While working with your business on coming up with a social media management strategy, we take into consideration these tips!

Some people are afraid that if we are following more people than we have following us that users will not see us as credible individuals. I believe that’s stinkin’ thinking. As long as you are engaging with your users, you will benefit! Obviously if you have an insane ratio like 10k following to 300 followers, something is up. But if you are simply following the kinds of people you want to attract, then you will see them begin to engage with you as well.

Google Drop Emojis From Search Engine Results

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If you didn’t already know, Google has been displaying emoji characters on their desktop searches for months & on mobile for years, but that has all come to an end this week. Staying up to date on the latest trends is what we do for your company to help your Sarasota SEO strategy succeed!

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, however, since Google has been teasing us with this idea for a while & back in May announced that it would be happening.

Businesses were finding clever ways to use emoji characters in their title tags in order to increase click through rates, such as Expedia.

Google Confirms Core Search Algorithm Update

This is why everyone loves Google.
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Once again, there has been a core search algorithm updates as confirmed by Google last week. They also stated that these updates will be continual and often as to keep the search engine performance always getting better. Google has proven itself to be the very top competitor in the name of search engines & the reasons users love it so much is because of the honest and accurate search results that it employs. Your website’s SEO depends on their systems. So what was the change?

Bing Ads Report Yahoo Click Volume Numbers

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Bing and Yahoo have recently struck a deal revolving around “search” terms & there is new news about just what this means for the advertisers of Bing & Yahoo. Bing has announced that they will be releasing weekly updates on the percentage of Yahoo click volume it’s delivering. So what does this mean for your Sarasota SEO and online advertising strategy?

There have been plenty of rumors surrounding Bing, Yahoo. & their search volume from their ads. Bing seems to be attempting to squash those rumors by allowing their customers, and all involved, to see the true value of their advertising efforts & to plan accordingly.

Do You Search Google “Near Me”?

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According to Google, you aren’t the only one! Over the past year searches from a mobile device with “nearby” or “near me” have nearly doubled from the previous year. It’s cool to note that 80% of those searches came from a mobile device. As a local Sarasota SEO company, we know how important it is for you to be ranking high in those search results!

You will probably begin to notice the amount of “near me” search results that Google will begin auto-suggesting on your phone.

What does this mean for you? Ultimately, an easier search engine experience! Since Google is hoaning in even more on these “nearby” searches, you can bet that wherever you are & whatever you are looking for will be quite simple to find!

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